At Least They Got A Manningham

Mario Manningham is hell of a receiver, but I don’t think he was the top ‘Manning’ Niner fans wanted to bring in.

You have to admit…

It would at least be a little funny if the 49ers lost Alex Smith because they took a shot at landing Peyton.  Even if you’re a Niner fan, you have to laugh at the situation.  Well maybe not laugh, but definitely think to yourself…’That kinda sucked’.

Alex Smith was finally starting to shed that ‘Total bust’ label, and move towards the ‘Bust’ category.  It sounds pretty similar to when the Bluth family goes crazy celebrating the fact that Mad Money’s Jim Cramer upgrades their company stock from “Triple Sell” to “Don’t Buy”…Hey…it’s a start!

Alex Smith hasn't lived up to the hype coming out of college, but he's finally starting to play like a starter in the NFL (Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)


Once the Niners made it known they were going after Peyton, Alex Smith switched agents (Smith and Manning had the same agent until that point…conflict of interests?) and started looking for a new home.  Smith reportedly spent hours talking with the Dolphins on Sunday, and seemingly had a backup plan ready in the case that Manning decided to start calling audibles in the Bay Area.

I’m not arguing that San Francisco was wrong to pursue Manning.  Not even close.  Obviously, he would have made them instant Superbowl favorites, since they were a play or two away from getting there last season without him.  Add Manning (Not to mention Manningham and Moss) to that mix, and you get a completely revamped offense.  But…wouldn’t it be totally hilarious if they lost Smith in the process of courting Manning?

This will likely be a moot point in a few days anyway, because the team that was hot on the trail on Smith, the Miami Dolphins, just reeled in their guy.

That guy…David Garrard?

Man…talk about an organization down in the dumps.  The Dolphins were expected to be players in the Robert Griffin III sweepstakes.  They weren’t.  They were picked as one of the early favorites to sign Peyton to a deal.  He instead took his talents from South Beach to the Rocky Mountains.  Worst case, they could at least convince Matt Flynn to relocate to Miami, right?  Wrong.  You know it’s bad when you get shut down in favor of Seattle.

Was David Garrard really the next name on Miami’s wish list?  Sometimes it’s tough being a fan.

Not like it’s looking too much better in Pittsburgh right now.  My favorite team is cutting anyone that makes more than the league minimum, including one of the most popular players in team history…who will eventually be in the Hall of Fame…who was willing to take a major pay cut to come back in a limited role…who is even making a cameo in “The Dark Knight Rises”.  How do you release this guy?  And now I have to wear the jersey of a player who isn’t even on the team anymore.  Great, I just became ‘that guy’.

THAT'S the jersey I want!

So Peyton Manning has chosen to start the next chapter of his career in Denver.  Ah, yes…the story comes full circle.  The most important question now is…

What will Tebow do?

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